The Weeknd Total Net Worth: How Much Did He Make?

The Weeknd Total Net Worth

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, commonly known as The Weeknd, is a Canadian record producer, songwriter, and singer. He is known for his distinctive singing voice with a rising falsetto and its singular tremolo. 

People consider The Weeknd as an influential person when it comes to modern pop music. 

The Weeknd is also one of the best-selling music artists in the world. He has more than 75 million records sold. 

In addition to that, The Weeknd also won 1 Brit Award, 15 Juno Awards, 2 MTV Video Music Awards, 5 American Music Awards, and 3 Grammy Awards. 

The Weeknd also holds a couple of Billboard chart records and has been nominated for an Academy Award. 

The Weeknd was listed by Time in 2020 as one of the most influential people in the world. 

Early Life

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye was born in Toronto, Ontario, on February 16, 1990. His parents were both immigrants. His father is Makkonen Tesfaye and his mother is Samrawit Hailu. 

Abel grew up in the district of Scarborough. He’s an only child. However, he was raised by his mother and grandmother after his parents separated. 

Abel learned Amharic while living with his grandmother. He also uses this language to talk to his mother. 

According to Abel, his teenage years were like being in the movie “Kids without the AIDS”. He started smoking pot when he was 11. 

He also stated that he used ketamine, psilocybin, cocaine, Xanax, oxycodone, and ecstasy. Abel also shared that he sometimes shoplifts during his teenage years just to supplement his drug addiction.

Abel went to Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute and West Hill Collegiate Institute. However, he dropped out of school in 2007 and moved to Parkdale, Toronto. 

The Weeknd Net Worth

Personal Life

In early 2015, Abel started dating Bella Hadid, a model. Both of them were first seen together in April at Coachella. Hadid also starred in Abel’s music video for “In the Night”. 

At the 2016 Grammy Awards, the couple made their red-carpet debut. However, they broke up in November 2016 due to their conflicting schedules. 

In January 2017, Abel started dating Selena Gomez, a singer and actress. They temporarily moved together later on in September. However, 1 month later, they broke up. 

Hadid and Abel got back together in May 2018. However, they broke up again in August 2019. 

According to Abel, he sometimes used drugs to help get over his writer’s block during his early albums. He also said that drugs were there to help him when it comes to writing music. 

Early Career

According to Abel, he got his stage name from the fact that he left his family’s house and high school during the weekend and never came back. 

3 years after leaving high school, Abel ran into Jeremy Rose, a producer. During that time, Rose was planning to create a genre called “dark R&B”. He saw Able as the ideal figurehead to start the genre. 

Rose produced a couple of songs that Abel rapped on. During this period, Able was using stage names such as “The Noise” and “Kin Kane”. 

Rose gave Abel permission to use the songs. However, the condition is that he would credit him as the producer. 

Later on, Abel uploaded the songs on YouTube. He then gained a lot of followers after uploading the said songs. He even captured the attention of Drake. 

A mixtape titled “House of Balloons” was the first major release of The Weeknd. The album included tracks made with the help of various producers. This includes Jeremy Rose. 

However, Rose wasn’t credited as per the previous agreement. 

The album was a huge success. Because of this, Drake voiced his praise for Abel. Drake also went to Abel’s first concerts. He later approached the singer with a plan to collaborate. 

Later on, the two Canadian artists toured together. Usually, Abel would perform the opening act for Drake. 

Abel was approached by a couple of major record labels who wanted to sign him after he released two more mixtapes. 

Where Does His Money Come From?

Most of Abel’s net worth is obviously derived from tour dates and album sales. According to reports, Abel’s upcoming tour in early 2022 is already starting to sell out arenas. 

It’s estimated that he will earn around $1.4 million per show of his upcoming tour. 

Outside his singing career, Able is also the co-founder of XO and a producer. XO is a record label that is a subsidiary of Republic Records. 

Abel also landed tons of sponsorship deals. This includes a collaboration with Pax Labs, the original Juul developer. 

He also has sponsorship deals with popular apparel brands such as A Bathing Ape, H&M, Puma, and much more. 

Abel also has collaborated with Marvel, e-cigarette manufacturers, and condom companies. He’s also one of the “faces” of Apple Music. Furthermore, Abel acted as a brand ambassador of Puma.

More Background Information

The Weeknd is a Canadian record producer and singer who has quickly become one of the most well-known contemporary artists in the world. 

He’s one of the most famous faces in pop music. In less than a decade, The Weeknd has been able to collaborate with other popular artists. He also gained a lot of followers on all of his social media accounts.

The Weeknd Total Net Worth

The exact figures of The Weeknd’s net worth are not known. However, it is believed that he has a net worth of around $100 million as of 2021. 

Forbes listed Abel in 2017 as the 6th highest-paid entertainer in the world. During that period, he raked in an estimated $92 million due to the success of his album. 

He also earned more than $1.1 million for each stop on the world tour of his album. 

However, even without touring, Abel has kept on bringing in millions of dollars each year. In 2019, he came in at number 87 on the list of 100 highest-paid celebrities from Forbes. 

In 2020, Able dropped off the list. However, he still probably earned a lot of money.

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