Snoop Dogg Total Net Worth: How Much Is He Making?

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, or in real life, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. is a famous American songwriter, rapper, actor, media personality, and businessman. He became famous in 1992 when he participated in Dr. Dre’s “Deep Cover” solo single and “The Chronic” solo album. 

Since then, he has sold 35 million albums worldwide, 23 million of which in the United States. His net worth records his life’s success and other business ventures that he had. As for the figures, let’s find out as we dig deep into his personal life. 

Early life 

Snoop Dogg was born in Long Beach, California. His birthday is on October 20, 1971. His parents were Vernell Varnado, a Vietnam war veteran, mail carrier, and singer, and Beverly Tate. Snoop Dogg’s father was always not around during his childhood. 

As a kid, he was called “Snoopy” because of his love for the “Peanuts” cartoon character. As a child, he started singing at the Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church where he also learned how to play the piano. When he was in 6th grade, his talent for rapping started. 

Snoop Dogg was known to be a responsible student, church enthusiast, active in playing football and singing in the choir. Rapping was his passion that during his free time, he would rap in the school hallways. He draws so much attention that people would think a fight is going on. 

That’s where his rapping career started. He then knew that he had talent during that time. A gift that he could use to influence others with his message. 

But, he ended up getting in trouble with the law as a teenager. He was a member of the Eastside’s Rollin’ 20s Crips gang of Long Beach. He got arrested because of cocaine possession after graduating from high school. After three years, he was released.

Snoop Dogg Total Net Worth


At the start of his career, Snoop Dogg worked with Dr. Dre which made him insanely famous. Soon thereafter, he made his debut album, “Doggystyle” and was a full-blown success. Afterwhich, his albums hit top-ten in the United States’ most-played songs. He continued to hit the benchmark that lasted for several months. 

Despite his violent artist label (as some would say), Snoop Dogg had a relatively soft heart. According to the music journalist Chuck Philps, Snoop Dogg has a softer side than other hard-pound gangsta rap artists. The soft delivery of his rapping style made him exceptional. 

Murder trial 

Snoop Dogg faced a murder case and a short film about his trial was released in 1994 titled “Murder Was the Case.” He was acquitted on February 20, 1996, where he decided to get a new life out of his typical “gangsta” looks. He transferred to Claremont, California along with his mother and son after the verdict.


In March 1998, Snoop Dogg signed up to “No Limit Records” with Master P. He made a debut that same year under the label “Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told.” In 1999, he sold more than 1,510,000 copies of his “No Limit Top Dogg” album. The same year, an autobiography about him was published titled “Tha Doggfather.”

In 2000, he sold more than 2,100,000 copies of his “Tha Last Meal” album. Two years later, he sold more than 1,310,000 copies of his “Paid Tha Cost to Be da Bo$$” album. During this time, Snoop Dogg embraced his new “pimp” image and left behind his “gangster” shadow. 

In 2004, Snoop Dogg released his first single album “Drop It Like It’s Hot” hit number one. After his third release with his album “Signs,” it reached the top 2 on the UK’s chart. It marked his highest entry on the UK’s chart. 

In the US alone, it sold more than 1,730,000 copies and the majority of its singles were aired on the radio and television. In 2006, his album “Tha Blue Carpet Treatment” was released and hit the top 5 on the Billboard 200. It sold more than 850,000 copies. 

2007 was a revolutionary year for Snoop Dogg after becoming the first artist to produce a ringtone track. “It’s the D.O.G.” was the first track released as a ringtone. He also sang for a Bollywood film titled “Singh Is Kinng.” 

On March 21, 2013, Snoop Dogg released his documentary film “Reincarnated” along with his new studio album with the same title. He released various records throughout the following years. His music was loved by many people because of his versatile talent in rapping. In May 2020, Snoop Dogg hit number 1 on the Billboard Bubbling Hot 100 with his song “Que Maldicion.”

Snoop Dogg Total Net Worth

Snoop Dogg is known to venture into business entrepreneurship. He is a known investor. He became the appointed creative chairman in 2009 for Priority Records. His brand manager released an app called “Snoopify” in May 2013.

Two years later, the app recorded weekly sales of about $30,000. In October 2014, he invested in Reddit along with other famous personalities that raised $50 million. A year later, he became a minority investor in the California-based weed delivery startup. 

It’s called “Eaze” which gives you the convenience of delivering medical marijuana within 10 minutes into your doorstep. He became an avid supporter of the use of marijuana and launched “Merry Jane.” This digital media business promotes marijuana and its contribution to politics, business, and health. 

In 2015, he pioneered the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world, “Leafs by Snoop.” As such, he became the first person to market legal marijuana among other popular celebrities around the world. 2019 gave him the interest in venturing with video game enterprise and created the “Gangsta gaming League.”

To sum up, his estimated net worth is about $150 million. This includes all his assets in the music industry and other business ventures. With his talent in rapping, he was able to amass wealth. It made him one of the most wealthy rappers in the world.

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